Vision, Mission, Value

The Mission of Alborz Darou Co. (Public Joint Stock Company)

Value creation for key stakeholders and contribution toward the sustainable development through promoting public health by supplying and developing high-quality products and pharmaceutical raw materials for Human while benefiting from human capital and knowledge-based technologies in domestic and foreign markets.


The Vision of Alborz Darou Co. (Public Joint Stock Company)

The fulfillment of the stakeholders' expectation to end up an excellent and eminent company throughout the world in the pharmaceutical industry and related products by 2025 with the approach of agility, smartness, and sustainability.


The Prime Values of Alborz Darou Co. (Public Joint Stock Company)

  • Agility in operation and process
  • Creativity in product and service design
  • Excellence in the quality of processes and products
  • Intelligence in decision-making
  • Productivity in resources
  • Knowledge-based approach   
  • Development of effective communications with the centrality of human dignity